Thursday, October 09, 2008

Live your Dreams

I can discuss this topic of dreams very broadly, as I myself am an intensive dreamer. I dunno what should I do of it... But I cant change it, this is me. I dream and dream of soo many things in life and like a star gazing child I just continue gazing at the stars and live in a life of hope, of dreams, some fullfilled, some not..But I like to live life that way, atleast I get to see the good part, even though it may be an illusion. Because me and luck were never on speaking terms. Dreaming has become a part of life, and with all its advantages and disadvantages I cannot give it up. Whenever I meet someone , I have dreams in my mind, I think about that other person in a way I would like to and assume that the feeling is mutual. I keep on pursuading this dream boat as far as possible, knowing that the river in which the boat is sailiing is gonna dry soon, still I just want to see the river dry... And on other hand I have many ideas which remain unspoken in my heart, Many lyrics have been written by this heart of mine, which have never been sang as a song.. I cannot dig up for all those hidden treasures and make a treasure box of them... And the best part is that I dont even miss them, I never dream of past, I dream in present, atleast it is better. Because dreaming of past is like kissing the mouth of a gun, it is like looking into your beloved's grave..
I'm that innocent star gazing child, who just wants to ignore the fact that earth is revolving, the stars at which he is gazing are never the same, they keep on changing. But still to every new star he looks at in the sky he looks the same way forgetting that they are ever changing, and also the intensity of the existing stars is changing..... Now all this child needs is a "sun", which has same intensity all throughout and can never be replaced.. But this child is not strong enough, or rather I should say is lazy enough not to go and search for this SUN... I like it that way... Atleast I nnever long for a SUN, if it comes by itself it would be better.. !!

And also rumour is that you should Live your Dreams, with so many dreams,if I start living them all, I would need million lifes for it.... So I better like to be a dreamer......


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